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SnowCloud is a web and mobile platform in the snow sports industry working to bring to market a new software product that will revolutionize the way that guests and ski areas book and manage group, private and children’s lesson programs online. By better leveraging technology SnowCloud will allow resorts to streamline their booking and back-of-house processes to maximize both guest experiences and management efficiencies.

How it Works

Features of the Application


SnowCloud's platform handles scheduling instructors, lesson reservations, and payroll more efficiently and conveniently for everyone at your resort. Resorts are now able to manage their entire snow sports school from any computer or mobile device. Sales and reservations are easily achieved from anywhere.

Instant Booking

Your resort guests already love your instructors, but booking lessons with their favorite instructors over the phone or in-person is always so inconvenient. Partnering with SnowCloud enhances the guest experience by letting guests book and confirm a lesson with their preferred instructor for a specific date and time. Guests can interact with their instructor before, during and after the lesson, creating a deeper connection and increased likelihood for repeat visits.

On The Go

Using SnowCloud's mobile apps, your snow sports school can book lessons from anywhere at the resort. Payment and administrative information is seamlessly collected through the app and your guests never have to walk into the school to sign up! Now, when you see a guest struggling and in need of a lesson, it's easy to approach them and offer to start a lesson at the tap of a button! If your guest spontaneously decides a lesson is needed while out on the slopes, they can quickly request a lesson through our app from virtually anywhere.

Cloud Based

SnowCloud is a revolutionary cloud-based platform. You never need to install costly software on your private resort computers. We will not charge you for individual software licenses so you can access the SnowCloud platform from as many computers, tablets, smartphones, etc, as you'd like! The devices constantly sync so that your scheduling and sales information are always up to date on every device.

Find Instructors

Enhance the engagement between your guests and your snow sports school by offering your guest a tool to directly book your instructors. Guests can chat with the instructor before their lesson to ask information and advice before they start their lesson. In addition, guests can interact with instructors after their lesson to receive valuable suggestions, tips, and schedule possible future lessons!

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